General Hunting Information:
Application Deadlines
Mule Deer May 31
Elk Jan. 31
Antelope May 31
Moose Feb. 28
Sheep Feb. 28

Hunting Dates
Mule Deer Sep. 15 - Oct. 6
Rifle Elk Sep. 26 - Oct. 31
Archery Elk Sep. 1 - Sept. 25
Deer/Elk Combo Sep. 26 - Oct. 6
Deer/Antelope Sep. 13 - Oct. 6
Antelope Sep. 10 - Oct. 31
Moose area 24,21 Sept. 10 - Oct. 31
Sheep area 7 Sep. 1 - Oct. 31

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Preference Points
*Preference points can be purchased from July 1 - October 31.
*Hunting licenses can be applied for and preference points bought by going to the Wyoming Game and Fish website.
*Trophy Mountain Outfitters can and will do the preference point purchase and hunting license application for you. Elk licenses need to be done before January 31. Deer licenses need to be done before May 31.

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2018 Testimonials:
Dear Dustin & Laura, I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you for an outstanding hunt. It met all my expectations plus. Barry did a great job with the cooking. I enjoyed all his stories. He was so organized. Kelly, Nate, and Tatum couldn't do enough for me. I thought it was like hunting with family or friends. They did a great job finding sheep & getting me on them. Thanks again I will never forget this trip. John Riday
Dustin & Laura, My trip to main camp for opening mule deer hunting 2018. I wanted to say that I again enjoyed my trip although it had its setbacks, Vernon was unable to walk hardly at all due to knee pain and I was not able to walk nearly as well as I would have liked. I was able to get to several places that I wanted to go and enjoyed my hunt. Enough about us the reason I am writing to you is regarding your guides and camp cook. Anna - Anna provided some of the best meals I have had in years, I travel four to five days a week and get stuck eating restaurant food daily. This has resulted in my becoming a food snob; I am very picky when it comes to my food. Due to this fact there are many restaurants I avoid; Anna’s camp kitchen is not one of them. She provided great food, discussion, and group interaction that made me feel at right at home. I very much enjoyed meeting her and getting to know her, and something about her family. I do not think you could have chosen a better person to represent your business at camp. I believe I am far better for getting to know Anna than not getting to know her I will not forget her or my time at her table. Guides - I do not know where to begin with the guides, in 2013 and I am sure this year our guides look at us and have to think their week will be a slow drag because we are older. In 2013 we were told that they (our guides) thought we would not be able to walk or ride but were pleased to find out then that was not the case. 2018 was different in the fact that Vernon really did have a very hard time getting anywhere; which really made it difficult for the guides to determine how to hunt with limited mobility. Kayden & Ward were our guides, and again we made two really good friends I hope. Ward & Kayden are so energetic, diligent, and focused on their trade that they both impressed me from the beginning of day one. I am not one to watch others work while I stand around and they both helped me understand what I could do to perform the most basic functions around the horses so that I could help them at the beginning and end of the day. They worked so hard to get us into deer by taking us to lower impact areas so Vernon could participate while at times one guide and I hiked to higher elevations to try and locate deer. Both guides spent countless hours with their eyes in their spotting scopes and binoculars watching for deer, and both of them have great abilities when it comes to spotting deer. We all have the ability to see a deer on the side of the road but spotting one with the naked eye at distance takes practice and dedication. Both of these men have their heads on swivels at all times and I very much enjoyed watching them apply their skills. We saw several bears, wolves, elk, deer, and even a moose or two. These two helped us stalk and get into position to try and fill our tags. Both men were very professional and friendly, we as a group had a great time. In the middle of the week Ward moved on to help two elk hunters, we definitely missed his presence but Kayden continued to provide excellent guidance for the remainder of our trip. Kayden dealt with Veron's deer once it was down in a professional manner and then helped us get the animal out to camp. Once we returned to camp, Kayden went one step further and took the deer to AOK so that the meat could be processed for Vernon and could be collected the next day when we returned to AOK for our trip home. Kayden then rode back to camp that same night getting back late in the evening. He really busted his butt to get it all done, his dedication is impressive and he went over and above what was required even when he was not asked to do so. In summary both Kayden and Ward are also great representatives for your company as is Anna, their interactions with your customers will result in return hunters year after year for decades. From the packer, to the cook to the guides, we were well taken care of and very much appreciate the experience and opportunity to get to know your guide service family. Thank you all for the experience and adventure. John
Hi Laura. I just returned from a mule deer hunt with y'all. Alex was our guide. What a fantastic hunt. Alex was the best guide I have ever had. Nathan and Dustin were the other guides and they were wonderful. I need to take my other son on a hunt and I wanted to see if you could give me some details on the spring bear hunt. Prices, Dates, and If its too late to apply for the spring and if not what do I need to do that. Robbie will probably want to go as well. Thanks Kent Bowen
Hello Dustin and Laura, Once again, thank you for an incredible adventure. I have to say that Granite was much more challenging than I was expecting, but well worth it. The views were amazing and the hunting, although challenging, was again second to none. I owe a ton of thanks to Ezra. He is a class act and he worked his tail off to get us on some deer in some rather difficult hunting conditions. Again, camp was great as well and Barry still has the magic touch in and around the cook shack. In the end I was fortunate enough to take a beautiful High Country Muley. In fact it was the perfect representation of what I dreamed about when wanting to take a Mule Deer. Thank you for all of the hard work you and your team put in to providing such an experience for me to share in. Sincerely, Wayne
2017 Testimonials:
Dustin/Laura, Thanks for a great Elk hunt. I could not ask for a better guide than Drew. He went way out of his way to make sure we had a hunt of a life time experience and for getting us on the elk we harvested. It was a very rough and vigorous mountain hunt and I didn't expect anything less. I would highly recommend Trophy Mountain Outfitters to anyone who would want to experience a high mountain elk or mule deer hunt. Again thank you for a hunt of a life time. Howard Smith
Dustin & Laura, What a great operation you have! This was great hunt and I won't hesitate to book again or recommend you to anyone! From the first day, to the day we left everyone was amazing. Barry our camp cook prepared fantastic food and had stories to last hours. Our guide Nate was very attentive to our needs and exceeded any expectation we had. He knew exactly where to be, what the elk would do and how to get them. 10 minutes into my hunt and we had a great 6x6 bull down at 300yds. The camp was clean and well kept. The horses we gentle and easy to ride through out all the terrain no matter how tough it was. You could tell the guides loved hunting. They get as excited to hunt as the hunters and just as excited when their hunter harvests an animal. I can't wait to come back and hunt again with Trophy Mountain Outfitters. Nate and I were discussing how exciting the archery hunts are. I'm thinking of coming out in 2019 for an archery hunt. Please let me know pricing for archery and I'll start saving! Keith Eksterowicz
Dustin, Just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the men you have working for you. We hunted in spike camp with Tyson, Cole and Nathan. I feel they did everything they could to find the elk throughout the week and they are all fine young men. I especially was impressed with Tyson my guide. He has a tremendous eye for game and the drive and knowledge to chase it. He's a fine young man and I will be looking to bring my son back in a couple years to hunt with him again Lord willing. Barry also did a great job keeping us well fed as I'm sure I didn't lose any weight as I thought I might. Thanks again for a memorable hunt and a memorable week as it was one I will never forget. Todd Daniel
Laura & Dustin, I want to thank you for everything you do and for making me feel like a part of your family while I'm there. I found a home in Wy after hunting with you guys hope I will be able to come for many more years but ya know I'm not getting any younger. Hopefully I draw my sheep tag before I have to go to a home. Had a blast this year Nate was great kinda got spoiled being the only one in camp. I liked it!!!! Going to Alaska next fall but put me down for 2019. Your going to have a hard time getting rid of me. Bruce Rubida
Dustin and Laura, I can't thank you and your crew enough for the great experience I had with my Dad on this hunt! You guys are a top notch outfit and great people. Thanks for setting us up with Landon he was amazing! The best guide in Wyoming and he worked his butt off for us! Thanks again Brady Probst
2016 Testimonials:
Dustin and Laura thanks for a great hunt. I had a lot of fun with Tyson and Barry. Everything was first class. Barry's cooking was as good as his stories, Tyson was an excellent guide and even better young man who would work his butt off to help get me a nice buck. Can't wait to next years elk hunt. Thanks again, Bob Ebersole
Hi Dustin and Laura, I had a great hunt this year. It was the best hunt I will probably ever be on. I got a great bull and James got it on film. How awesome is that! What a great guide he is. Not saying the other guides aren't because they got bulls too. We had 8 hunters in camp, all family and friends, and all tagged out!!! Hats off to your guides and everyone that was a part of the hunt. This was a hunt of a lifetime!! Look forward to doing a bow hunt sometime in the future. Thanks, Mark Whitacre
Dustin and Laura, I want to thank you for the outstanding elk hunt you provided me. I had a good time and am glad that I made the decision to hunt with Trophy Mountain Outfitters. James was a great guide and I enjoyed my time with him. Please pass on my appreciation to him as well. Thanks, Aaron Guest
Hello, I just wanted to send an email to say thank you for everything that you and your staff did. I had an amazing hunt!! Even with being injured you guys were still able to provide an excellent hunt for me, and get Chris and I our first elk. I will definitely be hunting with you guys again. I also can't say enough about Nate. He was an excellent guide!!!! Thank you again for an amazing hunt. John Roycraft
Dustin, I'd like to thank you for a great hunt. I had an absolute blast. Your entire staff went out of their way to ensure I, and the other hunters, had the best possible elk camp. I had Nate as a guide and I couldn't have asked for a better all around guide. He truly knew his stuff and was able to put me and John in some good positions to make sure we both got the elk we wanted. I may not have got a monster, but to me, the spike I got is a great trophy and will make many good meals for me, my friends and family. Thanks again, you have a great operation and I look forward to hunting with you guys in the future. Sincerely, Chris Melendez
Laura, I just wanted to thank you and Dustin and your guides for your hunts. I just returned from an elk hunt in Montana and the only thing I had to compare to was you guys. You have set the bar high and the other hunt was really disappointing and frustrating in many ways. You guys run a top notch operation all the way around and I look forward to hunting with you for many years. Thanks again, Erik Okerstrom
Dustin and Laura - I had a wonderful hunt! Landon was my guide. I told him I wanted a bull at 50 yards. And, he found one for me which I proceeded to bag! I was very pleased with the hunting country, and all aspects of the camp and the staff! You have a great crew! Steve Bayley
Hi Dustin & Laura: I wanted to ditto Steve's sentiments of the hunt and your operation. I drew the short straw on elk this year, but I had a tremendous time hunting the high country with Landon. Hell of a nice and capable guy & guide (and cowboy). Tom Kelly
Dustin, Just wanted to drop a line and say THANK YOU for the great hunting experience, I think I speak for all 3 Louisiana Coon Asses when I say it was all and then some coming from sea level to hunt between 8-12 thousand feet. Ezra our guide was very understanding and pushed us to our limit, without killing us and that was a plus. The food was over the top Mrs. Lindsey did a great job, the only gripe, quarters tent stove to knock the chill off each morning, when my sore ass got up. I will definitely make a return hunt, you will be getting my deposit early next year for whatever opening you have. I will be in better shape this go around and looking for that toad... Thanks again for the great hunt. Regards, Bryan Wick
Dustin/Laura, I would like to second everything Bryan said. THANK YOU for so much more than just a hunt, it was the adventure we were looking for and you delivered! My guide Landon was phenomenal and on that last morning hunting with Kelly was surely a treat. That thin mountain air was tough, but the beautiful scenery and great hunting was worth the pain. Everything about the trip was exactly what I had hoped for. I will (& have already) recommended the trip to others, and I would like to make the trip again as well. THANKS AGAIN!! Until next trip... Justin Achord
2014 Testimonials:
Dustin, Laura, Haze, Jamin
Just a couple of words to say what an awesome fall! The sheep hunt was every thing that I could expect. Great camp, cook, guides. This was my once in a lifetime hunt and did I say a great ram to top off the hunt. The elk hunt with my son, son-in-law and friends was super. The weather was terrible but that makes the hunt more memorable. Jerry
Dustin & Laura,
Wow ! Months prior to my hunt, I had a heart attack. I was devastated that my bucket list muley was never going to happen. When my doc cleared me, the vision was back. Playing catch up on the training was almost impossible. After being in the saddle every day at least 5 hours, the pain that settled in my �bottom end� took my worry away that my ticker wasn�t going to make it was gone. Coming from PA., I couldn�t have possibly trained enough for the work out that I had. The altitude change was most difficult for me. I knew I had the legs to get it done, but many times on my stalk with Dustin, I thought I would not make it. Dustin, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you. If it wasn�t for your determination and perseverance telling me I could make that climb, I would not have shot that great buck!! Thank you for coming to help my guide Mark after he spotted him. I know I was only with you for that 2 � hour stalk, but you made it happen!! That climb, the stalk, right up to the shot was text book. It will be etched in my hunting experiences as the most difficult but most rewarding. The trophy I wanted is now going on the wall and I can scratch off a �Trophy Mule Deer� from my bucket list. Thanks again. Dean
Hello Dustin and Laura,
Just wanted to thank you for a good hunt. Drew and Nate took good care of me and hunted hard as I would expect. Although I did not take the type of bull for which I was hoping, I really enjoyed the hunt. The stalk we put on the bull I took was one of the most fun hunting adventures that I have experienced. The camp food was good and Jack did a nice job in making sure I was well fed. Overall the hunt was a good experience. Please express my appreciation to your staff. Ed
Dustin & Laura,
Thank you for the awesome trip. The mule deer hunt exceeded all my expectations and then some. From my great guide Drew who has lots of patience, very friendly and informative about hunting. I want to also thank Clint who helped us seal the deal at the end of the week. I feel very fortunate to have had two guides that day. I would like to show my appreciation to Clint too. I also want to thank Jack and the other guides. Jack's cooking was amazing and I enjoyed his company as well. Thank You. Albert Solar
2013 Testimonials:
Dustin and Laura,
Thank you and TMO for a great experience. Taylor and I had a fantastic time and could not have been treated better. The camp facilities, guides, food and horses were first class and second to none. The TEAM attitude was very evident and we were treated like old friends instead of clients. Your professional eye toward the smallest detail was extremely obvious. I will be honored to recommend TMO to anyone. Thanks Again. Barry and Taylor Moore
Thank you Dustin and Laura and boys for all your help. The hunt and end results were awesome!
Laura, thanks for taking your time to share your hospitality at camp. Dustin, your family is a treasure. Take care and good luck this hunting season. We'll give you a call when Tom's 170 ram is mounted. Tom and Patti
2012 Testimonials:
Dustin and crew,
I have to say I thought we seen all you had to offer 3 years ago when we first meet. I was so very wrong. You and your staff gave us the best hunt ever. Calling in that great 6x6 for my brother Pete was a dream come true. Walking those high mountains was tough but I enjoyed every minute and can't wait to come back. Starting out with damaged guns from our flight could of been a disaster, but with great hunting partners it was by far the best ever. I'm sure I hold the record for using the most rifles on a hunt. Five in five days and probably the only hunter to lose a rifle (a borrowed one at that). Thank goodness Mike's a great person. Berry's meals could be served in any five star restaurant and there was always more than needed. All of your team gave it their all to make an unforgettable experience. Four elk for four hunters is about as good as it gets. We will be in touch soon to secure a spot for 2014. Thanks again for the great memory's. BILL
Dear Dustin and Laura,
I hope things have calmed down for you both now that elk season is over. I would like to pass on to you both some of my thoughts regarding my hunt. You are both to be commended on your first class operation as a hunting outfitter. I have told all my friends and family about the excellent camp conditions, food, horses, guides etc. I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful young guides who work very hard and are always smiling and willing to help. Landon is a very friendly and willing young man who really wanted me to get my elk, even though I think he thought I was nuts for passing up 4 bulls before I shot the one I wanted. Jason is a team player who helps out everyone else after his clients get their trophies. Rick is a great cook and Lantz was a wonderful man to visit with and a great packer. I wish we could have more time to visit Dustin, but I know so does everyone else and your time is very limited. Let me know if you get any cancellations for the first elk season next year if in time to apply for a tag. Also let me know when your first opening is in the upcoming years for first season. Peg really enjoys visiting with Laura and told me so several times. Thank you both for making my hunts so successful and may God bless you and your children. Your friend, Mark
Dustin & Laura,
I want to say thanks again for the experience my brother and I had last week. Even though we weren't able to bring home an elk, the time spent up there was wonderful and the personnel you have working for ya'll are great, we really enjoyed ourselves and plan on coming back in the future. Again, thanks for everything. Mike Dion
Hi Dustin and Laura,
Thank you again for an incredible hunt. The trip exceeded all of our expectations. You definitely have a first class outfit with great people working for you. We would like to book the same 2 on 1 hunt again for next year. Please check your schedule and let me know if that is possible. Thanks again. Mitch & Barry
Dustin and Laura,
I just wanted to thank you and the crew for a great hunting experience. The lodge and horses were great. I didn�t know horses could walk thru country like that. Kevin and Jenny were very friendly and do a fine job. James and Dan are two great guides. We seen some amazing country and 8 different bucks opening day. They were always working for me and Mark. Getting the horses ready, telling us what�s ahead, and spotting for deer constantly. You couldn�t have wanted a better little cabin than the ones ya�ll had for us. Fully furnished, cozy, and quiet. Trophy Mountain is definitely a top notch first class outfitter. I wish ya�ll a successful hunting season and hope to see ya�ll again someday. Once again thanks for everything and the memories. John Sloan
Dustin & Laura,
I want to let you know that despite not being able to recover the elk I stuck; my time pursuing elk with my guide and your outfit, was the most amazing hunting experience of my life!!! Having never hunted elk and only having tv as a reference, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Your operation exceeded all of my expectations and it is truly first class. From the pack trip in to the pack trip out, the trip was organized, well run, and client focused. My cook, Jana, can flat out cook! The guides are true professionals; my guide, Eric, was everything you want in a guide! Eric knows the area, knows how to call in bulls, and knows when to push you and when to let up when covering the expansive terrain. My horse, Rooster, was a gentle giant and a sure footed steed. I was nervous about the horse riding since I really had no experience to speak of, by the end of the trip I felt like I was a veteran.

On day one of the hunt, we had three sets with bulls that were close to coming in. Our final set resulted in the opportunity to let an arrow fly. The bull was inside of 30 yards and broadside! As an archery hunter, you can't ask for more!

I live in Ohio, and until this experience, I thought I was a white tail man to the core, apparently I am an elk man and didn't know it until now. The only question that remains, is not whether I will be back, but how many times. I'm already counting the days down to when I can apply again! Hopefully I'll see you next archery season.

Regards Rob

P.S. To anyone researching outfitters, please feel free to contact me. You can get my contact info from Dustin or Laura.
2011 Testimonials and Hunting Experiences:
Hello Laura and Dustin.
Just wanted to again say "Thank You" for a great hunt experience. While I did not tag a bull I felt my hunt was totally complete and satisfying. Thanks to you and Laura and your very professional and hard working crew (especially Clint, Melanie, and James). I was more than satisfied with the hunt and how I and Jerry were served. It is always interesting how quality people and hard work go a long way in total customer satisfaction. While we cannot always control the game, the weather, or other out of our control circumstances we are in control of our selection of quality people, their attitudes, and their work ethic and that is all a customer should expect. You and Laura operate a first class operation. I plan to be back in the future with my family for a future hunt (probably archery). In the meantime best of luck, good health, and rich blessings. Bob Berglin.
Dustin and Laura,
I just wanted to extend a heart felt "Thank You" for the great time we had while hunting with Trophy Mountain Outfitters. Everything about the trip was outstanding, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. I was most impressed that we were on deer as soon as it was light enough to see on the first day of the hunt. It is a testament to the hours upon hours that you guys put into scouting such a large amount of country. It is also obvious that you are personally committed to making sure that everyone has the best opportunity at getting a shot at a true trophy animal. The only complaint I have is that I can't come back every year. The camp was also great. There was never a shortage of food, and if you went hungry, it was your own fault. After I got my buck, I spent a couple of days just relaxing in camp, and Rick was such a joy to be around. He's definitely one of the "good ones". It was so refreshing to be around people who love what they do and do not see it as just a job. You should take it as a compliment if you can get a guy to drive all the way from Tampa, Florida every year to be the camp cook. I wish you all the best down the road, and I'm already counting down to our elk hunt in 2014. Talk to you later. Chic James
Dustin and Laura,
I just wanted to let you know that I'm extremely upset with Trophy Mountain Outfitters. It seems that I can't concentrate on work or honey do's around the house anymore. My thoughts are always on the fabulous elk hunt that I have just experienced with all of you.

I could not have chosen a more professional or dedicated outfitter than Trophy Mountain. I know that only through hard work, attention to detail, professional management, can do attitude, and the love and devotion of the great American West have you been able to establish a top notch outfitting business.

In your business as well as mine, there is a lot of competition. Some will tell a customer what he wants to hear, but not necessarily the whole truth. Some only look at the bottom line, but then there are people like you, that what you tell a person, he can take it to the bank. The bottom line always has to be looked at, but the difference being in the devotion to your business and your clients, that make you stand head and shoulders above many of your competitors.

I will say this much, that Eric and James were top of the line guides. I could not have been with more experienced or knowledgeable individuals as those two. On day one, they took me to a place they called Hells Half Acre, before it was over I thought I was going to die, but they made sure that I didn't. James asked me that night before if I could walk three miles back out, I said sure, I can walk three miles backwards. Let me tell you something, three miles in Wyoming is a whole lot different than three miles in Kansas. Even if I had not filled my tag, the experience with Eric, James and Trophy Mountain Outfitters would have been worth the price.

No way will I leave out my camp cook, Janna. What a great individual she is, and could she ever cook and set a nice table. It was always nice after a long day to be able to sit down to a fabulous meal in a nice warm friendly setting. Tell Eric that she is a definite keeper.

Last but not least, there was the old packer, Dan. I called him old, but I think he was two or three years younger than me. In our conversations, we discussed that we had similar childhoods, in the fact that we both grew up on poor dirt farms in the Midwest. The hard work, honesty and self-motivation learned in childhood are still very much evident today. The hog leg and Arkansas tooth pick that he carried gave evidence that he could stop an elephant charge, if one was encountered. It was comforting for me to know that my wife was in safe and dependable hands, leaving camp for the trail ride out, while I was high on the ridges looking for elk. My wife wanted me to tell you guys what an interesting and enjoyable time she had in camp, even though it was just a short stay. At least from this part of the country, how many people get to see a bull moose up close, like right beside our tent.

I have traveled this great nation of ours from one coast to the other, from the gulf to Canada and beyond with a few foreign countries thrown in. I can tell you that the American West is always a place I want to come back to. Maybe it's the beauty of the country, the tall snow capped mountains, the lush tree dotted basins, the high ridges, or the vast openness of the high plains and deserts. Maybe it's the people, the hardworking, self-motivated, self-reliant and fearlessly independent.

I have seen all the above in Trophy Mountain Outfitters. You are the American West. May God bless you and our Country. Respectfully Yours, Larry Fields.
Dustin / Laura / Clint / Rick and the Gang,
I don�t know where to begin to say �Thank You��. You Folks are �The BEST of The BEST� and �Second to NONE�. My hunt was much more than I ever anticipated�. It was truly phenomenal!

Dustin & Laura � I have never seen an outfitter take so much personal interest in making sure that every hunter has a successful hunt and a great experience in your wilderness camps! You folks have not only raised the bar for excellence, but you are the bar that everyone should strive for! Thank you for the opportunity to hunt with your team!

Clint � You are by far the BEST Guide / Hunter that I have ever had the privilege of hunting with! Your knowledge of your hunting grounds, scouting abilities, and enthusiasm made my hunt exceptional! Please let me know how my reloads work on your elk? Also, could you please email me the field pictures of the mule deer for Chic, John, Derek, and myself? Thanks for everything and I can�t wait to hunt elk with you in 2014!

Rick � Where do I begin??? LOL! You made camp�CAMP!!! You made me feel that we were priority one and I know you would have done anything to make it happen! Thanks for endless hours of conversation, great chow, and all the LAUGHS!!!!! You have become a true friend to us and please keep in touch! WE look forward to you, one day, coming up to our camp hunting and hang�in out�. and you are not allowed to come without Trevor! LOL!!!

John & J.D � Thanks for all the attention to detail packing our gear in and out! You treated and cared for our equipment as if it were your own! Thanks for all the hard work!

Dustin� Please let us know if you are planning to attend the Eastern Outdoors Show in Harrisburg, Pa? I will be more than happy to donate time to help you! My doors are always open to help�. WE do want to book for the opener of Rifle Elk for 2014, so please pencil us in! Thanks again for providing us with a trip of a life time�.. can�t wait to hunt with you folks soon!!!! Take Care, Brian Bock
Caught with my pants down....Literally!
All kidding aside, being caught with my pants down by a bull elk, and killing it with a bow, was my best hunting thrill yet! We had ridden about 45 minutes in the dark to get in place in a place called Ralphs Draw and while getting off our horses James (our guide) let out a cow call that prompted an immediate bugle from a bull about 1000yds up the canyon. My mind wasn�t on the elk at that moment but instead it was on the fact that I had to go find a bush to quickly do my business behind before we started to climb up that canyon.

Grabbing some toilet paper from the guide, I hurried off about 50 yards away and got down to business. While I was doing my thing, both guides let out a two man bugle that sounded all the better when the elk added a third bugle on the top of it before the echoes faded. A few minutes later I was, for lack of a better term, wiping my can, as the elk again bugled, this time from only about 60yds away! That bull must have run at full speed down that canyon!

Being rather attached to my bow, I had brought it with me to my bushy latrine, so with my pants at mid thigh, I knocked an arrow and clipped the release on the string just in time to see the bull come around a tree and come face-to-face with me at a distance of only 12 feet! I have always been an aggressive hunter and with the knowledge that the only result of staring an animal in the eyes at that close range would be seeing him run away any second, I drew the bow. Upon doing so, the elk whirled and dashed out to 21yds and stood again staring me down, only this time he was broadside. I hadn�t had time to think about the distances of my surroundings and at that moment I figured he was at 30yds. Well, if you shoot an animal for 30yds and he is at 21 you are going to hit high, and that is exactly what happened�. Right in the spine! The big bull dropped instantly and I wasted no time in galloping another 10yds (with my pants at my knees), knocking another arrow as I went. The second shot was put into the chest and so was the third! Call it overkill, but arrows are cheap and I sure didn�t want to see him somehow regain his footing and run off.

The guides and my hunting partner Mike, ran over and the following celebration was filled with as much congratulations as laughter when they realized I hadn�t finished my business when I had shot the elk!

Seriously, Dustin Child and all of the guides/staff at Trophy Mountain Outfitters are as in love with hunting as anybody I have ever met. I have been with several outfitters and guides over the years and I count myself lucky to have found an outfitter that has such dedication and attention to detail, that is sitting in the middle of such an abundance of game (we heard over 500 bugles in one day!). As long as he is in business, I will be back to hunt with him and would strongly suggest that you give him a call to find out for yourself. Shoot Straight, Robert Jarvis (Illinois)
Laura and Dustin,
Chris and I hunted out of your Granite Camp Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2011. It was an experience of a lifetime with more memories than I can process. Your team led by Clint was great. Rick did an excellent job in the cooking dept. He is a great cook and even better person to share the experience with. I would rate him a 10 out of 10. Clint and Jason both have that rare gift that makes them good with animals and people. They are excellent guides and their people skills made everyone enjoy hunting even more. Camp life is such an important part of wilderness hunting and they added to everyone's positive feelings. Certainly they would get my highest marks. JD could not have worked harder and could not have put our hunt in any higher priority. His hunting and wrangling skills are excellent. I would go with him again anytime and anyplace. He takes great pride in his hunter's success and never short changes their objective to hunt. He will learn a lot from Clint and Jason and I expect they will benefit from him being on the team. John was an important part of the team and could not have been more helpful. I know that you two are the energy and organization that makes Trophy Mountain Outfitters work. I like being around good, competent, conscientious and caring people and I really like being around you. You were both personable and professional and made me want to recommend you and your team to anyone I meet. First class, caring, living the values that hunters respect. Thanks for sharing the boys when we were at the office. As a grand parent, that makes my heart sing. If you are ever in Virginia, you have a place to stay and hunt. It is also grand child friendly. You have an open invitation. Thanks again for a great memory. Everette M. Prosise
Hi Dustin, Laura, and crew,
Thanks for making my childhood dream hunt come true. Everyone gave 100% to make our hunt be a success. Thanks to Jana for the excellent meals and Eric and Dustin for excellent guiding. Gene and I couldn't have done it without you all. We both were able to take great antelope and mule deer. I look forward to coming back soon for elk. Thanks again Dustin (that may be the 101th time you heard that) and thanks for the push up the mountain. Randy and Gene
2010 Testimonials:
Hi Laura and Dustin,
Your hunt was everything you said it was going to be and more. We were covered up with Elk everyday despite the hot weather. The country is beautiful the company was great along with the food not to mention the hunting was excellent. I hope that I can come back before long and go after a bigger one. Thanks again and tell everyone I said Hi. Bill
Dustin & Crew,
Thanks to all for a great time! We thoroughly enjoyed hunting with your outfitter and rest assure we will be back. I will be in touch soon to reschedule for the following year...I can't decide whether I take the bow or the rifle... Take care and tell Clint to keep climbing those mountains! Rem
Hi Dustin,
I can�t thank you enough for the hunting experience of my lifetime. I had dreamed and planned for this trip for such a long time and it exceeded expectations in every way possible. Your crew is unbelievable! James, Randy, Dan, and Rick added so much to the experience and are already local legends around here. Laura was so nice on the phone and once there, made us feel right at home. Outstanding, awesome, and incredible don�t begin to describe our trip with Trophy Mountain. On behalf of Wade and Brian, Thanks again, Scott
Dustin & Laura,
I would like to thank you for a great time. We could not be more pleased with our hunt. Your whole crew was excellent to both hunt and spend time in camp with. The food was great also. Tell everyone thanks and good luck on the rest of your season. Thanks again, Dave
Dustin and Laura,
Thank you for your part in my true hunt of a lifetime. All aspects of my hunt exceeded my expectations. Great people, food, guides, accommodations and quality animals. You all went the extra mile to ensure our hunt was a success. Thanks again Dustin for the great guiding, and finding my glasses. Terry
Dustin and Laura,
Just finished up my hunt with Trophy Mountain and the hunt was beyond all I had ever hoped for from the time we met before the hunt until the time I left everything was done first class. My guide Jason was incredible !!! I have never before met many people with his excitement for the hunt who worked that hard and genuinely seemed excited to see the people he guides do well. All I can say Trophy Mountain, Great hunting, animals, habitat and most important Great People. Good Luck with the rest of 2010 and beyond. Thanks Tony
Dustin and Laura,
Pat and I want to thank you for a wonderful experience. The people were all great. The country is beautiful. The horses were absolutely incredible (I now want to buy a horse but my wife says no!). And oh yes......the hunt was great. James worked his tail off for us, and we really enjoyed hunting with him. I told him right off that I would probably ask a bunch of questions over the days we hunted, and that some would be good and some would be pretty dumb. I don't think I let him down. I will forward a picture of Pat and his elk as well. Again, thanks for everything. Mike
2009 Testimonials:
Good Morning Dustin & Laura,
Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had with you folks. A lot of people commented on me not bringing anything home. They have no idea on what you bring back on a hunt like the one I just experienced. They've never set on a horse looking over some of the most beautiful country that you could ever envision and the experience of just getting there. Getting an animal is just the "Icing on the Cake". I was just as thrilled seeing my Nephew getting his first Elk as I would have been. Yours was the best hunt that I've had, any where at any time. Lets not forget the Toughest. Thought I was in fairly good shape, heck I wasn't even half way there. I certainly plan on doing this again with either one or both my Nephews. They couldn't have been happier. They certainly look after their old Uncle. Again Thanks for a GREAT HUNT & equally GREAT EXPERIENCE. Uncle Bob
I can't say thank you enough. You and your team gave 110%. I will always remember my experience. It is easy to see why hunter's return year after year. My brother Peter and myself are coming back as soon as possible. Best wishes to you, Laura, Haze, Jamin, and all involved with Trophy Mountain Outfitters. Sincerely, Bill
Dustin and Crew,
I just wanted to thank you and all of your gang for the many great memories of our Wyoming hunt. Our time in your hands far exceeded my expectations. I will say that I was surprised at the quality of people that worked so hard to make our hunt fun and successful. I was especially surprised that every person on your crew were people who I would like to know better. I was amazed that you managed to give each of us a warm and personal experience from the greeting to the goodbye while you had so many details to bring together. It is apparent that you take great pride in your work. Thanks again and good hunting, Einar
I want to thank you for a great hunt. Everyone OHNO, Craig, Will and myself had a great time. They still can't believe the animals they harvested. I have been on 4 other guided hunts and your outfit far exceeds any of them. You have a tremendous amount of quality accessible hunting area. I never hunted the same drainage twice and I was never closer than binocular distance from any of the other hunters and their guides. I was amazed that it was really possible to fill both the elk and deer tags. In past hunts I had never even seen a deer while hunting elk. Your guides were skilled and knowledgeable, Rick produced delicious meals ever day, and the packers supplied our every need. The tents were clean and well maintained when we got to camp, sorry we made such a mess before we left. I'm sure the next group of hunters will find everything as clean and neat as we did on the first day. Again thanks for everything and it was the best elk hunt I have ever been on. Dave
Gear List

  • Good Rifle - 270, 30-06, 300, 338, etc.
  • 2 Boxes of Bullets, may have to sight gun in if bumped on trail
  • Light weight Shooting Sticks, Stoney Point Steady Stix II 39in work great, bipods don't fit into the scabbard, shooting poles are hard to carry with you on the horse
  • Game Bags for Meat, Cheese cloth game bags work great
  • Pair of well broke in Hiking Boots & Snow Boots for late October hunts
  • Day Pack or Back Pack
  • 2 Water Bottles
  • Rain Gear - Gortex or Dry Plus work great
  • Camera
  • Good Binoculars - spotting scope optional (guide carries spotting scope)
  • Hunting Knife
  • Flash Light or Head Lamp
  • Warm Sleeping Bag - rated to zero or winter weight
  • Warm Coat - dress in layers as it may be cold in the morning and hot in the day, wool or gortex is great
  • Gloves one light and one or two pair heavy for cold or snow
  • Cap and Stocking Hat or Winter Hat to keep ears warm
  • One Article of Orange, hat or vest will work (bow hunters exempt)
  • 3 pairs of Pants, one wool or cold weather material
  • 3 set of Longjohns, 5 sets of Underwear, 5 pairs of Socks
  • 3 Shirts
  • Personal Kit, Chapstick, Hand Lotion, 1 Washcloth, 1 Towel, Medication, Aspirin for aches and pains
  • Sun Glasses, Loafing Shoes for around camp
  • Hunting License
The weather in the months of September and October can be 60 degrees or 10 degrees and snowing. Be prepared for either. Temperatures are usually warm during early September. Archery hunts can be 60 degrees, or 30 degrees and snowing.

Because horses are required to pack all gear into camp we have a weight limit of 50 lbs., two duffel bags per person plus your backpack and rifle which you will carry with you on your horse. You will only be allowed 2 bags and 50 pounds to be loaded on the pack stock! Gear will be weighed. If you are hunting from the lodge or the end of the road drive to camp there is no weight limit on gear for those two camps as we can drive right to the camp.

Bow hunters need 3 stamps. Rifle elk hunters need 2 stamps. Deer hunters need 1 stamp. A $12.50 conservation stamp is required for all hunters. Bow hunters must buy a $25.00 archery license. All Elk hunters must buy a $12.50 special elk feed ground stamp. These stamps may be purchased online or at any store or gas station where Wyoming hunting licenses are sold. (prices subject to change)
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Frequently Asked Questions
How far are your average shots?
-Average shots are between 150 � 300 yards, but if you have the ability practice shooting 350 � 400 yards. There are circumstances when we can�t get any closer. Know your gun and where it shoots.
What caliber of rifle should I bring?
-I recommend bringing the rifle that you have the most confidence in. Obviously the higher power the better, but bring a gun you shoot well. I prefer a 30-caliber rifle and I like a 300mag.
How far of a ride is it into camp?
-It is a 3-hour ride into two of our camps and 1 � hr ride to the other two.
Which is the best Camp? And what about your drive to tent camp?
-All 4 pack in camps are very similar and can provide an outstanding hunt. From the terrain to the amount of game all four camps are very much the same as they are located in the same mountain range. We also hunt from our drive to tent camp which consistently produces quality animals. All hunting from our drive to camp the same as the pack in camps is done with horses.
Is my sleeping bag and gun included in the 2 bags and 50 lb weight limit?
-The 50 lbs does include your sleeping bag, but not your gun or backpack.
Do you own or rent your horses? And what if I don�t have any horse riding experience?
-We do own all of our horses and mules. The horses we have are big, gentle mountain horses and are accustomed to inexperienced riders.
What stamps do I need and where can I get them?
All hunters need to purchase a conservation stamp. Elk hunters need to buy a special elk feed ground stamp and archery hunters need to buy an archery license. Stamps can be purchased on the Wyoming Game and Fish website or at a gas station or sporting store in Wyoming where licenses are sold.
What airport do I fly into?
-I recommend flying into the Jackson Hole airport. From here you can take a cab into town to your motel where we will pick you up the following day. You can also fly into Salt Lake City or Idaho Falls airports but you will have to rent a car and drive to Jackson.
What will be done with my trophy after it is down?
-Once you have got your animal down your guide will field dress, cape, and quarter your trophy. Then a wrangler packs the meat and quarters down to the meat processor in Jackson or Pinedale depending on the camp you are hunting from. There is no extra charge for quartering, caping, and packing out your game. Processing is at your own expense. Trophy Mountain Outfitters is NOT responsible for processing or shipment of meat, capes, and horns.
What happens if I wound an animal?
-Unfortunately, animals do get wounded. If you wound an animal it will be up to the guide or outfitter to decide if you continue hunting or if you will only look for that animal. If the guide feels that the animal you wounded is going to die because of the shot then your hunt will be over. We hate to do this, but feel that it is the ethical thing to do for our game herds. This is another reason to know where your gun is shooting and only take shots that you are comfortable with.
How can I get my meat and horns home?
-I recommend driving out if at all possible. If you are not able to drive and you fly out meat and horns can be shipped home, but shipping meat is very expensive. Some hunters arrange their meat and horns to be taken home for them by other hunters or Barry. Horns must have an interstate game tag for this, which you can get at the processor or Game and Fish office in Jackson.
Can you recommend a local taxidermist?
-If you would like to use a local taxidermist you can call High County Taxidermy 307-367-2390. If you are flying it is a good idea to get your cape fleshed and salted then shipped to you so it doesn�t spoil.
How much will it cost to have my meat processed?
-Because prices change I recommend calling Matt's Jackson Hole Custom Meats at 208-690-9381. They are located in Jackson. Usually, it is around $150 - $300 to process a deer or elk.
Can I donate my meat if I don�t want to take it home?
-Meat can be donated to the food bank for needy families. The hunter has to pay for processing then let the processor know you want the meat donated.
Do I need to wear orange?
-The law states that a rifle/gun hunter has to wear 1 article of florescent orange; hat, vest, or coat.
Do I need a hunter safety card?
-Any person born on or after January 1, 1966 must have passed hunters education.
Can my deposit be refunded?
-Once a deposit has been sent there is no refund on that deposit. If you are unsuccessful in drawing a licenses then your deposit will be rolled over to the next year or until you are able to draw a license and come on your hunt. If a hunter backs out or cancels their hunt there is no refund on that deposit.
What is the best week to come?
-The best week varies from year to year. Weather is a huge factor in which week is the best each year. The area we hunt has a lot of game and we do well throughout the season. There is not a bad time to come.
Will we come back to camp for lunch?
-Unless we get an animal down we usually don�t come back to camp after we leave in the morning. We take a sack lunch with us and have lunch on the mountain then return to camp at or just after dark for supper.
Do you guide and do you have the same guides each year?
-Yes, I do guide. We also have the same guides each year. Our guides are close friends and family. My brothers Clint and Kelly along with good friend James Barnes and Laura's cousin Landon Cornia are instrumental in our operation as they help with running the camps and guiding. TMO without a doubt has the best group of guides, cooks, and packers. This is what makes us so successful each year. We are a family run operation in which we all take a lot of pride. I believe the secret to success is surrounding yourself with great people.
How good of shape do I need to be in and what is the terrain like?
-The better shape you are in the better your odds of doing what is physically needed to take the trophy you are looking for. We hunt from 7,000 � 10,000 feet in elevation. Horses are used as much as possible, but hiking is also required depending on where the game is located. The terrain might be gentle rolling hills or straight up and down. It is a high mountain hunt and physically demanding. Do your best to be in good shape.
What does an average day consist of?
-On the average we get up between 3:00 � 4:30 a.m. Guides saddle horses while hunters eat a hearty breakfast in the cook tent. Lunches are packed and we hit the saddle 1 � 2hrs before sunup. The day is spent glassing the terrain and moving from various vantage points either by riding or hiking. Most of the hunting is spot and stalk, but we will do whatever is needed to provide shot opportunities. Lunch is enjoyed on the mountain as we spend the whole day hunting. We return to camp for a full coarse supper usually served around 7:00 � 8:00 p.m.
Can I bring a non-hunter with me?
-If you are hunting from the lodge there is no problem bringing a non-hunter. If hunting from a pack in tent camp it depends on camp availability. The cost is $2500 for non-hunters.
Can I continue to go out and hunt with my partner after I have filled my tag?
-If hunting from the lodge yes, because we have availability to a lot of riding stock. If hunting from a pack-in tent camp this call comes down to the guide. There are times when the horses are tired, sore, and need a rest so your guide may ask you to stay in camp a day or two. Our stock put in a long season beginning mid-July and go almost daily until the first part of Nov. Be assured we will have you go along as much as possible.
How much should I tip my guide and what about the cook and packers?
-Tips vary greatly as everyone�s financial situation is different. Tips for guides range from $200 - $1000 or more. 10% of the price for your hunt is a good way to gauge what you should tip. The cook and packers usually are tipped less than the guide and an average tip is $50 - $100 but can be higher. Tip what you can and what you feel the guide, cook, and packer deserve. They will work hard for you.
How Do I book a hunt?
-A $1000 deposit is due at the time of booking your hunt. A booking form also needs to be filled out. Mail the booking form and deposit to P.O. Box 1306, Afton, WY 83110. Booking Form
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Trophy Mountain Outfitters is proud to support these organizations:
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Big Game Forever
Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association
Jackson Hole Outfitters and Guides Association
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``Necessities for a successful hunt''
1. Lots of Good Food
2. Comfortable Clean Camp
3. Area with Lots of Game
4. Experienced & Enthusiastic Guide
5. Friendly Atmosphere, Western Hospitality
At Trophy Mountain Outfitters we know what it takes and pride ourselves in doing everthing possible to provide each and every person with a positive hunting experience. We ask that each hunter come with a positive attitude and be as well prepared as they possibly can. Much of the terrain where these trophy animals live is steep and rugged. The better physical shape you are in the better chance you have of getting the animal you are looking for. Hiking, horseback riding, and being familiar with your rifle are a few of the things that you can do to help increase the successfulness of your hunt.
Wyoming Game and Fish Website
Wyoming State Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides
Anvil Motel - Jackson, WY
Town Square Inns - Jackson, WY
High Country Taxidermy
The Half Moon Lodge Motel - Pinedale, WY
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Afton, WY 83110Permitted by:
Phone: (307) 270-7014 Bridger-Teton National Forest

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